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Huawei OptiX OSN 1800 Series Products Price and Specs

OptiX OSN1800 series products include OptiX OSN1800 I/II compact device (short OSN1800 I/II compact device), OptiX OSN1800 II packet type device (referred to OS

OptiX OSN1800 series products include OptiX OSN1800 I/II compact device (short OSN1800 I/II compact device), OptiX OSN1800 II packet type device (referred to OSN1800 II packet type) and various types of device types, supporting various types of business types. Access, configuration is flexible, easy to install, support from traditional OTN devices to MS-OTN device smooth upgrade, users can choose to use as needed. The OptiX OSN1800 series is applied to the access layer. Broadband services, SDH services and Ethernet services can be sent to the converging layer via OptiX OSN1800 and used with existing wave division devices to achieve business expansion.

Product characteristics

OSN1800 combines the features of OTN and WDM to help finance, government, energy, education, large enterprises and other industries to share various types of business with WDM network resources to achieve a unified transmission. At the same time, the ITU-T G.709 OTN standard adaptation range is innovatively extended to 2M ~ 10G full service, and the whole business will meet the needs of "full business operation and simplifying the network structure".

Arbitrary service extension

OSN1800 optical terminal supports 40-ch DWDM system to support arbitrary expansion of the channel.

Arbitrary application scene

OSN1800 transmission equipment supports a rich multi service access type E1/E3/T3/FE/GE/STM-x/10GE/SAN, and supports a variety of business scenarios such as terminal access, data center interconnection, long distance transmission, and so on.

Ultra large bandwidth

The OSN1800 optical transmission system supports the dense wavelength 40*100G capacity to meet the explosive growth demand of the metropolitan area convergence access to FMC 2 era. Based on the VC/PKT/OTN unified switching architecture, the bandwidth utilization efficiency is greatly improved. Integrated MPLS-TP function, with 8800, 9800 to achieve end to end MPLS-TP networking.


Provide 2M, 1588 V2 and synchronous Ethernet clock transmission to fully meet the clock precision requirements of WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000 and LTE/LTE-A.

Flexible installation

1U and 2U high boxes are suitable for installation of cabinets, walls and holding poles.

1U, 2U and 5U all support the installation of 19/23 standard cabinet.

Green environmental protection

Support natural heat dissipation, AC/DC power supply;

The box design is convenient to be deployed at any place.

The typical power consumption of 1U devices is as low as 25W, which is only equivalent to the power consumption of a desk lamp.


T-SDN is the core architecture of the next generation transport network. It has the characteristics of automatic, virtual, flexible, open and collaborative. OpiX OSN1800 can realize the hardware virtualization of network access layer through T-SDN, and can support rich APP application and business innovation.

technical specifications



OSN 1800 I

OSN 1800 II

Device Size (Unit: mm)

44 (H) × 435 (W) × 220 (D)

88 (H) × 435 (W) × 220 (D)

Business slots



Exchange Capacity/Table Capacity

4-wave access (OTM site)

8-band protection (OADM site)

Wavelength (maximum)

CWDM: 8 Waves (max); DWDM: 40 Waves (max)


Maximum Single Channel Rate

100 Gbit/s (OTU4)



19" or 23" Cabinet, ETSI 300mm/600mm Wireless Outdoor Base Station Cabinet, FTTx Outdoor Cabinet, Wall Mount, Holder


Power Supply

AC: 110~220V or DC: -48 /-60 V (supports 1+1 power input backup)