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Huawei AP2010DN Enterprise Class 86 Wireless Panel AP Dual Frequency Thin AP Hotel POE

Introduces the enterprise-class 86 wireless panel AP2010DN, including: network features, QoS features, security features, maintenance features, BYOD, spectrum analysis

AP2010DN is compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards
Speed ​​up to 300Mbps
Support Merger Ratio (MRC)
Supports 11n beamforming
Support for likelihood decoding (MLD)
Supports packet aggregation: A-MPDU (Tx/Rx), A-MSDU (Rx only)
Supports 802.11 Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
Supports Short GI based on Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) in 20M and 40M modes. It is a Wi-Fi multimedia standard mapping and priority scheduling rule. It implements priority-based data processing and forwarding to support both automatic and manual rate adjustment methods. The method is automatic rate adjustment
Supports WLAN channel management and channel rate adjustment Supports automatic channel scanning to automatically avoid interference
Supports each SSID in the AP to be independently configured to hide
Supports SST (signal sustain technology)
Support U-APSD power-saving mode
Supports CAPWAP (control and provisioning of wireless access points) that is, the access point control protocol tunnel data forwarding AP auto-up function

Network characteristics

Meets the IEEE 802.3u standard
Supports auto-negotiation of speed and duplex modes. Automatic MDI/MDI-X supports VLAN trunking based on SSIDs accessed by users. Uplink Ethernet ports support VLAN trunking.
Supports VLAN ID (1-4094), 8 VAPs per RF
Support AP uplink management channel network with tag and untag modes
Support DHCP Client, obtain IP address through DHCP
Supports tunnel forwarding and direct forwarding in service data
Supports access isolation between different wireless terminals in the same VLAN
Supports user access control (ACL)
Support LLDP link discovery
Supports CAPWAP interrupt service maintenance in direct forwarding mode
Support AC unified certification
Support AC dual link backup
Native IPv6 support
Supports IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
Supports IPv6 Portal
Supports IPv6 SAVI
Supports IPv4/IPv6 ACLs, etc.

QoS features

Implement priority-based data processing and forwarding based on Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) mapping and priority scheduling rules for Wi-Fi multimedia standards
Supports RF management of WMM parameters
Support WMM power saving mode
Support uplink packet priority mapping and downlink traffic mapping
Support queue mapping and scheduling
Support per-user bandwidth limit
Support adaptive bandwidth management, automatically adjust user bandwidth allocation according to the number of users, the environment and other factors, improve the user experience

Safety features

Supports Open-System authentication
Supports WEP authentication/encryption
Support WPA/WPA2–PSK authentication/encryption
Support WPA/WPA2–802.1X authentication/encryption
Support WAPI authentication/encryption
Support WIDS and WIPS, including illegal device detection and counter-attack, attack detection and dynamic blacklist, STA/AP black and white list function
Supports DHCP Snooping
Support DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection)
Supports IPSG (IP Source Guard)

Maintenance features

Supports centralized management and maintenance of APs over AC
Support AP automatic online function, and automatically load configuration, plug and play
Support batch auto upgrade AP
Support Telnet local management
Support network management real-time monitoring of user configuration information and fast fault location
Support AP system status alarm


Supports MAC OUI based device type recognition
Supports identification of device types based on HTTP User-Agent information
Supports device type identification based on DHCP Option information
Supports the RADIUS server to forward packets/security/QoS policies based on the types of devices carried in Radius authentication/accounting packets.

Spectrum analysis

Identify more than 8 types of interference sources such as Bluetooth, microwave ovens, cordless phones, Zigbee, Game Controller, 2.4G/5G wireless video, and baby monitors
Working with eSight to locate and display interference sources