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Zte Ftth Gpon Epon Mini Olt Equipment Zxa10 C320 Prices And Specis

ZXA10 C320 (ZTE C320) is a compact and high-density full service xPON converge access platform for the next generation optical access network. It supports GPON/EPON/P2P/10G EPON/XG-PON1 common platform access. ZTE ZXA10 C320 supports the access convergenc

ZXA10 C320 new generation compact OLT, only 2U high, save installation space; line card density is high: industry leading 16 port GPON/EPON and 48 road P2P board capability, single machine frame can provide 32 way G/EPON port and 96 way P2P GE port; ZTE C320 supports GPON/EPON/P2P/10G EPON/XG-PON1 and platform access, follow-up will also support technology; unified technology; unify Carrying voice, high-speed Internet, IPTV, traditional TDM and mobile return business to achieve comprehensive access; adopt large OLT hardware and software architecture, support architecture evolution, compatible with ZXA10 C300 business card, save card cost;

Flexible networking, adaptable to a variety of deployment scenarios

Long distance and wide coverage: support OLT sink, common site installation, long distance pull far, mobile load, outdoor integration, and other non intensive access scenes, suitable for the park, community, enterprise, village and village and other users of the light access;

Multiple networking modes: flexible support for P2P, hand in hand, cascading and ring networking, and other networking needs to achieve rapid deployment of network and business.

Powerful performance to achieve fine operation

The multicast function is perfect and reliable: ZTE C320 provides SCB and two level multicast replication mechanism, and perfect and precise user multicast control mechanism.

Perfect H-QoS control: ZTE C320 supports three level hierarchical H-QoS control based on service providers, users and services, and meets the requirements of Open Access network.

High precision clock / time synchronization: ZTE C320 provides high precision time and clock synchronization mode such as IEEE 1588V2 and synchronous Ethernet.

Strong reliability, providing system and business security at carrier level.

Panel protection: ZXA10 C320 main control switch, power supply and management are mainframe or redundant operation.

Link protection: optical fiber line PON protection and uplink LACP, load sharing, dual homing, STP and ring network protection;

Strong environmental adaptability: ZXA10 C320 matches different types of outdoor cabinets such as OUT50ET and EC90EB to meet various outdoor environment installation requirements.

AC and DC input power: ZXA10 C320 provides AC input or DC input, and battery power.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, a new era of green communication

Energy saving and low power design: using a new generation of chips, intelligent low power design, supporting single board mechanical and electrical management, system power monitoring, optical port ALS function and so on. The energy consumption under the same port configuration is at least 35% lower than that of large OLT;

Environmental lead free materials: European COC, RoHS and other standards and requirements.

Appearance size

86.1 mm (high) x 482.6 mm (wide) x 270 mm (deep)

Power Supply

-48V/-60v dual DC, 220V AC AC +48V preparation


Outdoor / Building: OUT50ET and EC90EB outdoor integrated cabinets

Special room: indoor 19 inch standard cabinet

Master switch board


Panel interface: 1*10GE or GE (light) +1*GE or FE (light) +1*GE/FE (electricity)

+1* maintenance serial port +1* management network port +1* environment monitoring interface

Upper Ethernet: maximum support for 2*10GE+4*GE or 6*GE

Typical business line card

(2 slot)


FTGK (24/48*P2P)