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Zte Zxa10 F660 Ftth Gpon Ont Modem Prices And Specis

Introduction of Zte Zxa10 F660 Ftth Gpon Ont Modem Model Specifications Connection mode Interface characteristics Wlan interface and so on

Zte Zxa10 F660 Ftth Gpon Ont Modem Suppliers

Model: ZXA10 F660

Specifications: fuselage 18cm* 18cm* 3.95cm (deep * width * height).

List of accessories: 1 ZA10 F660 hosts

AC-DC power adapter 1

1 RJ-45 net lines

ZXHN F660 gigabit passive optical fiber access user interface device (GPON ONU) user manual 1 copies

Connection mode: cable connection

Interface characteristics: GPON interface: SC/PC optical interface (GPON standard) 1.

Ethernet interface (LAN interface): 10 Mbps/ 100 Mbps /1000 Mbps adaptive port, RJ-45 form (IEEE 802.3 / IEEE 802.3U) 1, 10 Mbps/ 100 Mbps /1000, 3, total 4 interface

Wlan interface: built-in antenna, following IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n protocol.

USB interface: USB 2

VoIP (voice) interface, 2, support Softswitch SIP, IMS SIP or H.248 voice control protocol.

IPTV function: provides iTV interface, through this interface to connect the set top box equipment, provide IPTV service.