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Huawei USG9580 Price and Specifications

USG9580 product descriptionIn the era of big data, the geometric progression of network traffic has increased, and the network access methods have been flexible

USG9580 product description

In the era of big data, the geometric progression of network traffic has increased, and the network access methods have been flexible and diversified. Full connectivity has become the norm. Business models are expanding on an as-needed basis. Glasses, watches, even home appliances, and health testing products are all intelligent. Establish digital connections with human activities.

People can enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by mobile office without leaving home. However, the traditional security structure is disintegrating, and the connection technology requirements are more agile and ubiquitous. At the same time, security and reliability are required and data privacy is protected. In order to ensure security and reliability and data privacy protection, it is necessary to overcome ubiquitous security vulnerabilities and risks. Defense continues malicious intrusion. Security has become the most important and pressing issue in the CT world.

Therefore, at the boundary of cloud service providers, large data centers, and large enterprise campus networks, there is an urgent need to replace the older firewalls with high-performance multi-service next-generation firewalls. Any enterprise users with similar needs should evaluate the current firewall devices as soon as possible. Whether there is a bottleneck in function and performance, take precautions and prevent problems.

USG9580 Product features

Function one, one equipment at the top

Traditional protection: carrier level address translation capability and traceability scheme to meet the regulatory needs of the Ministry of public security, accelerate the export of public networks, and save bandwidth resources.

Next generation protection: ACTUAL six dimensional business stereo perception, 5 martpolicy strategy automatic optimization, Zero Day attack detection defense, global URL malicious web site filtering, the latest virus detection and protection.

Cloud environment support: virtual data center multi tenant operation, flexible definition of allocation of virtual resources, support for the evolution of SDN/NF network.

VPN: hardware encryption and decryption driver, support MPLS/Psec/GRE/L2TP and other encryption schemes to meet the remote security interconnection needs of headquarters branch

Excellent performance to protect long term customer TCo

Distributed hardware architecture: expansion card design, easy expansion, protection investment Tco, the highest performance can reach 144Tbp5

Multi CP business board: single slot, luxurious configuration 4 cPU, high density save computer room space and reduce power consumption, prolong service life, easy to face bandwidth growth.

High density interface board: supports GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE and other interface types. The density of single slot can reach 48GE or 24. 10GE.

Stable and reliable, business operation without interruption

Software redundancy: support master, master dual hot backup function, backup for session service configuration, VPN tunnel, support link health status detection, routing based on load, weight, application and so on

Hardware redundancy: support for dual master, port convergence, power and fan redundancy, and hardware reliability up to 99.99996%.

Hot plug in card: support hot plug in interface boards, business boards, master boards, etc., and can not interrupt business upgrade online.