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HUAWEI OSN580 WDM SDH MSTP Optical Transmission Devices

Supporting MPLS-TP, pseudo wire emulation edge-to-edge (PWE3), Ethernet, WDM, SDH, and PDH technologies. With these technologies, a pure TDM network, pure PTN network, or Hybrid network can be provisioned.


General Specification


Item Description
Dimensions 221 mm x 442 mm x 224 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 8 kg (empty chassis with only backplanes)
Power consumption
  • Maximum power consumption:
    • DC power-supply chassis: 1600 W
    • AC power-supply chassis: 800 W
  • Typical power consumption: 677.3 W

    Board configuration for typical power consumption: 2 x UCX + 3 x EM20 + 1 x SL1Q + 2 x SP3D + 1 x FAN + 2 x PIU.

Heat consumption

Maximum heat consumption:

  • DC power-supply chassis:5459 BTU/h
  • AC power-supply chassis: 2729 BTU/h
  • Typical heat consumption: 2149 BTU/h
Power supply performance
  • DC power supply
    • Rated voltage: -48 V or -60 V
    • Voltage range: -40 V to -72 V
  • AC power supply
    • Rated voltage: 110 V or 220 V
    • Voltage range: 90 V to 264 V
Fuse capacity
  • DC power supply: 32 A
  • AC power supply: 20 A
Electromagnetic compatibility

Complies with EMC Class A.

Predicted reliability
  • System availability: 0.999998866
  • Annual average repair rate: < 1.85%
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR): 1 hour
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF): 100.69 years


TDM Specification


Item Description
Service Service Category Maximum Receiving Capability Service Port
Description Connector
SDH service
  • 112xSTM-1 (optical port)
  • 56xSTM-1 (electrical port)
  • S-1.1, L-1.1, and L-1.2 optical ports
  • STM-1 SFP electrical ports
  • Optical port: LC
  • Electrical port: SAA straight female
112xSTM-4 S-4.1, L-4.1, and L-4.2 optical ports LC
56xSTM-16 S-16.1, L-16.1, and L-16.2 optical ports LC
28xSTM-64 I-64.1, S-64.2b, I-64.1b, and P1L1-2D2 optical ports LC
PDH service


E1 (75/120-ohm)/T1 (100-ohm) electrical ports Anea 96
12xE3/T3 E3 (75-ohm)/T3 (75-ohm) electrical ports SMB
PCM service DDN service 28xNx64 kbit/s service (N = 1 to 31) V.35, X.21/V.11, V.24/V.28, RS-449, RS-530, and RS-530A service ports Anea 96
56 framed E1 services Framed E1 service port DB44
Sub-rate service 28 sub-rate services V.35, X.21/V.11, V.24/V.28, and RS-422 service ports Anea 96
112 sub-rate services RS-232 and RS-485 service ports Anea 96
G.703 64 kbit/s codirectional service 112 G.703 64 kbit/s codirectional services G.703 64 kbit/s codirectional service port Anea 96
Audio service 168 Z interface extension services FXS/FXO port DB44
168 hotline services FXS port DB44
112 2- or 4-wire audio and 1E1M services or 56x2E2M (or reverse 2E2M) services 1E1M, 2E2M, or 2- or 4-wire analog trunk port Anea 96

Ethernet service:

  • Ethernet private line (EPL) service
  • Ethernet virtual private line (EVPL) service
  • Ethernet private LAN (EPLAN) service (based on the IEEE 802.1d bridge)
  • Ethernet virtual private LAN (EVPLAN) service (based on the IEEE 802.1q or IEEE 802.1ad bridge)
56xFE FE optical port: 100BASE-BX, 100BASE-FX, 100BASE-LX, 100BASE-VX, and 100BASE-ZX LC
  • GE optical port: 1000BASE-SX/LX/VX/ZX
  • GE electrical port: 1000BASE-T
  • Optical port: LC
  • Electrical port: RJ45
TDM equipment-level protection TPS
  • TPS for E1/T1 services
  • Maximum number of protection groups: six 1:1 groups
  • Switching duration: ≤ 50 ms
TDM network-level protection SNCP
  • SNCP at the VC-12, VC-3, VC-4, VC-4-4c, VC-4-16c, and VC-4-64c levels
  • Maximum number of protection groups: 8064
  • Switching duration: ≤ 50 ms
  • SNCP for framed E1 services
  • Maximum number of protection groups: 187
  • Switching duration: ≤ 50 ms
Ring MSP
  • Ring MSP at the STM-4, STM-16, and STM-64 levels
  • Maximum number of protection groups: 56
  • Switching duration: ≤ 50 ms
Linear MSP
  • Linear MSP at the STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, and STM-64 levels
  • Maximum number of 1+1/1:N (1≤N≤14) linear MSP protection groups: 56
  • Switching duration: ≤ 50 ms
Maintenance PRBS Supported
Synchronization Physical layer clocks
  • Supports external clocks, line clocks, tributary clocks, and internal clocks. The port impedance is 120 ohms or 75 ohms (a converter can be used to provide a 75-ohm clock port).
  • Supports non-SSM, standard SSM, and extended SSM protocols.
  • Supports retiming of tributary clocks.
  • Supports the locked, holdover, and free-run modes.


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