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Huawei Optix Osn3500 Atm Ason Wdm Huawei Sdh Equipment

The OptiX OSN3500 Optical Multiplexer (OSN3500 for short) is a new generation of intelligent optical transmission equipment developed by Huawei. It adopts a unified switching architecture and can be used as a packet device and TDM device based on MPLS/MPL

The OSN3500 intelligent optical transmission equipment supports different networking applications: pure packet mode applications, hybrid networking applications (packet mode and TDM mode overlay networking), and pure TDM mode applications to achieve optimal processing of data services and traditional SDH services. It supports ultra-long-haul transmission with a single-span of 380 km, reduces relay stations, and reduces network construction costs and maintenance difficulties. The OSN3500 adopts a unified switching architecture to meet the needs of existing users for traditional services and to solve the growing demand for packet services.

Product Features Of Huawei Optix Osn3500 Atm Ason Wdm Huawei Sdh Equipment

The OSN3500 optical transmission is based on the MPLS/MPLS-TP technology architecture. It provides a worry-free solution for packet-bearing network applications, provides packet-bearing network planning tools, and implements media-independent end-to-end visualization service configuration and instrument-free deployment functions to support automatic faults. Positioning and enriching packet service performance monitoring.

Flexible networking

Supports the traversal of third-party Layer 2 networks from the network side to implement end-to-end configuration and management. Can connect with WDM equipment, Metro series equipment, network application flexibility.

Under the TDM network, the OptiX OSN9560, OptiX OSN9500, OptiX OSN7500, OptiX OSN2500, OptiX OSN1500, OptiX OSN500, OptiX OSN550 and other optical transmission devices can be mixed to optimize operator investment. Under the support of packet switching technology, it can form a packet data transmission network together with OptiX OSN7500 II, OptiX OSN1500, OptiX OSN500, OptiX OSN550, OptiX PTN910, OptiX PTN950, OptiX PTN1900, OptiX PTN 3900, and OptiX RTN900 to meet the network IP. Business bearing needs.

Power: soft and hard pipes, long distances, tailored

With the increase in the demand for smart grid information, the power communication network presents a trend of diversification and grouping of services. Huawei has proposed a power communications solution with soft and hard pipeline characteristics, namely a unified bearer scheme for rigid hard SDH pipes and IP group flexible soft pipes, which fully satisfies the business communication needs of the power system.

The OSN3500 equipment mainly transmits the video, dispatching phone, and RTU services of the power industry to the control center. The access layer is usually an OptiX OSN1500 or OptiX OSN500/550 device; the core layer is usually an OptiX OSN3500/7500 II device.

The OSN3500 hard and soft pipe power communication network solution takes into account the high reliability of the traditional TDM service of the power supply and the high-efficiency bearing of future packet services. The single-fiber 40G smart line card meets the development needs of future data services. Various customization features are close to the power. The urgent needs of the industry, such as built-in PCM characteristics, 2M optical port characteristics, ASON differential protection, ultra-long-distance transmission characteristics.

Perfect protection function

High reliability transmission of SDH equipment level, network level and service level protection, protection switching time <50ms, and providing customized intelligent network for customers, improving reliability by up to 10 times, reducing network management and maintenance workload;

The OSN3500 supports 2F/4F MSP, SNCP, DNI, and shared-ray virtual path protection.

Ethernet service RPR ring protection and STP spanning tree protection

Support ATM service VP-RING ring protection.

Intelligent control unit protection: 1+1 hot backup;

Support key units such as crossover, clock 1+1 hot backup protection;

TPS protection, power protection;

Commonly used configuration

Common configuration of OSN3500 devices: SSNESUBRACK enhanced subrack, SSN4GSCC system control and communication board SSN1AUX; system auxiliary interface board and SSN1PIUB power interface board are required; SSN1SXCSA super crossover clock board and SSN1GXCSA crossover clock board must be configured one. The OSN3500 optional service boards include STM-64 optical interface boards, such as SL16, SLD16, SLQ16, SF16, and SLQ1; STM-64 optical interface boards, such as SL64, SLD64, and SF64; and STM-4 optical interface boards. Such as: SL4, SLQA, SLD4, etc.; STM-1 optical interface board, such as: SLT1, SLO1 and so on. Other auxiliary boards such as other PDH boards, Ethernet switch boards, and Ethernet transmission boards.

Physical characteristics

The OSN3500 power supply can be connected to -48V DC; installation method: ETSI 300mm deep cabinet, ETSI 600mm deep cabinet;

The size of the OSN3500 subrack is 730mm (height) × 496mm (width) × 295mm (deep); the weight is 35kg; the typical power consumption is 400W.