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Huawei Sdh Multiplexer Osn7500 Pdh Wdm Mstp Atm Ddn Microwave Transmission Equipment

OptiX OSN7500 optical terminal (OSN7500) is a new generation of core intelligent optical switching equipment, which is developed by HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. according to the current status and future development trend of the metropolitan area network.

OSN7500 uses unified exchange architecture, which can be used as a packet device and TDM device based on MPLS/MPLS-TP technology. With other HUAWEI devices, OSN 7500 supports different networking applications: pure packet mode applications, hybrid networking applications (group mode and TDM mode superposition Networking) and pure TDM mode applications to achieve the best processing of data services and traditional SDH services. In the TDM mode, the cross capacity of OSN 7500 is large, and it reaches 360Gbit/s's high order crossover and 40Gbit/s low order crossover. In packet mode, its packet switching capacity can reach up to 160Gbit/s.

Product Characteristics Of Huawei Sdh Multiplexer Osn7500 Pdh Wdm Mstp Atm Ddn Microwave Transmission Equipment

OptiX OSN2500/1500/3500/7500 business boards and software are fully compatible, forming a unified platform. This can greatly reduce maintenance costs and spare parts cost. The OSN intelligent platform combines the business capability efficiently and gives the most cost-effective solution to the operators. At the same time, the equipment can be mixed with HUAWEI's existing equipment and can be integrated into the unified management of HUAWEI optical network management solutions.

Flexible device configuration

OSN7500 optical transmission supports STM-64 large capacity devices; supports online upgrading of network devices from 10G to 40G. It can be combined with OptiX OSN 9560, OptiX OSN 9500, OptiX OSN 7500 II, OptiX OSN 3500, OptiX OSN 3500 II, 2500, 500, 910, 950, 1900, 3900, 900 etc.

Multi service provision

Support STM-1 (O/E);

Support STM-4/16/64 standards or cascading services;

Support E1/T1/E3/T3/E4;

Support the transmission and exchange of FE and GE services;

Support ATM business;

Support IMA business;

Support SAN services and video services;

Provide fast end - to - end services based on GMPLS.

Highly integrated subframe

The size of the sub frame is 756.7mm (high) * 496.4mm (wide) * 295mm (deep), and the single rack has 22 business boards and 8 interface boards.

Common configuration

OSN7500 commonly used configuration: SST1SUBRACK sub frame, SSN4GSCC system control and communication board, SST1EOW public telephone board, SST1AUX system auxiliary interface board, SST1PIU power interface board and SST1PIUB power interface board as required functional board. The optional single board has STM-64 optical interface boards, such as SLD64, SF64 and so on; STM-16 optical interface board, such as SL16, SLQ16, SLD16 and so on, STM-4 optical interface board, such as SLQ4A, SLD4A, SL4, etc., such as STM-1 light interface board, such as such, Ethernet transmission board, Ethernet switch board, etc. It can assist the board.

physical characteristics

The OSN7500 light end machine can be selected with the cabinet SSNB9RACK03 N66T assembly cabinet (2200x600x600mm), and the specific model and size should be adjusted accordingly according to the actual environment requirements of the user's machine room.

The power supply can be connected to -48V DC.

Installation mode: ETSI 300mm deep cabinet, ETSI 600mm deep cabinet; heavy 40kg, rated power consumption is 800W;

The size of the OSN7500 sub frame is 756.7mm (high) x 496.4mm (wide) x 295mm (deep).