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Sdh Pdh Multiplexer Osn1500 Stm 1 Stm 2 Stm 3 Stm 4 Fiber Optical Transmission Equipment

OptiX OSN1500 optical terminal (OSN1500) is a new generation of intelligent optical transmission equipment developed by HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. Using the "unified exchange" architecture, it can be used as packet devices and TDM (Time Division Multip

OSN1500 intelligent optical transmission equipment is a multi service transmission platform based on SDH. It has the protection and recovery capability of SDH and the ability of OAM, and supports the access and transmission of various services such as PDH, SDH, Ethernet, ATM, PCM and so on. At the same time, the intelligent control plane is introduced, the resource allocation is optimized, the cost of network construction is reduced, and the network survivability is improved. It is widely used in power, traffic, energy and other industries to provide customers with high reliability and low delay light transmission solutions.

Product Characteristics Of Sdh Pdh Multiplexer Osn1500 Stm 1 Stm 2 Stm 3 Stm 4 Fiber Optical Transmission Equipment

The OSN1500 device uses a "unified exchange" architecture to realize the unified scheduling of packet services and TDM services, and constructs a flexible application mode: pure packet mode, pure TDM mode and mixed mode (group +TDM). The three models can be extended through the business board level to achieve a smooth transformation, which will always meet the demands of the operators and the network in the most suitable mode, and facilitate the operators to follow the technological development and the maturity of the industrial chain to carry out a smooth and smooth investment.

Based on the "unified exchange" architecture, OSN1500 devices use packet transmission technology to achieve efficient statistical reuse of data services, effectively reduce the transmission costs of each bit service; meanwhile, inherit the advantages of SDH, provide Native bearer for TDM services, and effectively ensure high quality voice service delivery.

Flexible networking

OSN1500 optical terminal is commonly used in the access layer of Metro Transmission Network, and the way of OptiX OSN1500 hybrid network is flexible.

The access layer devices adopt OptiX OSN1500, OptiX OSN2500 or OptiX OSN500.

The convergence layer devices are OptiX OSN580, OptiX OSN3500, OptiX OSN7500 or OptiX OSN7500II.

The core layer devices are OptiX OSN7500, OptiX OSN7500II or CX 600.

In the access layer, the SDH service is transmitted on the STM-1/STM-4 ring; the packet Ethernet service is transmitted on the GE ring.

In backbone / convergence layer, SDH traffic is transmitted on STM-16/STM-64 ring; packet Ethernet service is transmitted on 10GE ring.

The OSN1500 transmission equipment can also be connected with WDM equipment and Metro series equipment, and the network application is flexible. It supports the two layer network traversing the third party from the network side, and realizes end-to-end configuration and management.

Radio and television: a network at the same time to meet the transmission needs of broadcasting services, data and private lines.

With the special customer line business becoming another hot spot in the broadcasting and TV industry. The MSTP device realizes the access, load and scheduling of various types of private line services, and a network satisfies the transmission needs of broadcasting, data and private line services simultaneously.

In addition to providing the basic business needs of the radio and television industry, OSN1500 equipment also provides large customer lines for enterprises, finance, government and other industries to connect the networks of various industries. The access point is usually OptiX OSN500/550 device, the access ring is usually OptiX OSN3500/580 device, and the convergence ring is usually OptiX OSN7500 device. The MSTP solution takes Smart 40G, soft and hard pipes, MPLS-TP as the core technology to satisfy the application of special line business of broadcasting and TV major customers.

Comprehensive MSTP characteristics

OSN1500 optical terminal realizes unified access of multiple services such as PDH, SDH, Ethernet, ATM, SAN, PCM and so on.

Built-in wave splitting technique

The OSN1500 transmission device supports the built-in WDM technology to realize the transmission of multiple wavelengths in a single optical fiber, and can realize the flexible networking scheme for docking with the wave division equipment.

Common configuration

The common configuration of OSN1500 equipment: the SSRK000AFB01 sub frame, the EOW official processing board, the SSR2AUX system auxiliary interface board and the SSR1PIUB power supply access board are four kinds of functional boards that the OSN1500 equipment must configure. CXL1, CXL4, CXL16, CXLLN, CXLQ41 and so on, and support multiple rate SDH single boards, such as SL4, SLQ1, SLD4, SLQ16, SL16, SL64 and so on. EGT2 and other supporting classes and wave classification panels.

physical characteristics

The OSN1500B device power can be connected to -48V DC, and the external 220V can be accessed through the external UPM.

The OSN1500 sub frame size is 221mm (high) x 444mm (wide) x 262mm (deep); heavy 16KG; typical power consumption 160W.

Installation methods: wall mounted installation and ETSI 300mm deep cabinet, ETSI 600mm deep cabinet, 19 inch cabinet, SSQB9RACK03 N66T assembly cabinet (2200x600x600mm) (19 inches) usually meet most user needs. The specific model and size should be adjusted accordingly according to the actual environment requirements of the user's machine room.