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Huawei voice gateway 4-port integrated access device eSpace IAD 104H brand new genuine

Huawei eSpace IAD is an integrated access device for Huawei's IP voice and unified communications solutions, enabling traditional analog users to access IP voice networks.

Through the eSpace IAD, the smooth evolution of analog voice to IP voice can be achieved, and the original analog terminal can be inherited, reducing the investment in the initial construction of the IP voice network. eSpace IAD makes full use of the transmission advantages of the IP network, reduces the cost of traditional analog line layout and routine maintenance, and lowers the TCO of the enterprise.

The full range of eSpace IAD products covers four analog subscribers to 224 analog subscribers and is suitable for user access scenarios of all sizes.

Product features and value

Complete series

- 4-channel analog user access, adapting to different scale scenarios;

- Desktop type to meet the deployment requirements of different customers;

Flexible adaptation of multiple solutions

- Supports Huawei Unified Communications or IMS/NGN to provide analog subscriber access solutions

High reliability

- Support triple-homing, local self-switching, off-network escape, and provide high-reliability access solutions;

High quality speech

- Perfect QoS mechanism and a variety of voice codecs to provide voice quality assurance.

Various management modes

- Built-in Web configuration, providing a visual management interface.

- Support unified network management, batch deployment and upgrade.

Network application

Huawei eSpace IAD supports Huawei unified communications solutions and is used in scenarios such as corporate customer home office and small and medium-sized branches to implement analog user access.

The eSpace IAD can also support Huawei IMS/NGN solutions to implement remote analog user access.