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huawei TE10 Peices and Specifications

HUAWEI TE10 is an innovative cloud video conference terminal, six in one lightweight design, professional audio and video effect, super strong network adaptability

HUAWEI TE10 is an innovative cloud video conference terminal, six in one lightweight design, professional audio and video effect, super strong network adaptability, support for a wide range of cloud platform access, perfect meet the compact conference room and remote Travel Video synergy requirements. With the design idea of All-In-One, the camera, microphone and terminal are integrated into the cube of 9 x 9 x 9cm? The compact design of small fashion is realized. Therefore, it can reduce the cable connection in the installation and deployment, and provide the user with a more neat scene. At the same time, TE10 also has the ability of wireless Wi-Fi access, greatly reducing the complexity of network deployment, and supporting Bluetooth, which can connect with built-in MIC Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, in the actual use, the user will be able to complete the deployment independently without the special technical personnel guidance, and turn a common room into a high definition video conference room in 1 minutes.

TE 10 Professional ability to ensure good experience

HUAWEI TE10 provides professional video conferencing capabilities to ensure that users get quality experience. The terminal is built with 1080P HD wide-angle camera, which has 3 times digital zoom capability and achieves more flexible shooting range. Support 720P mainstream video and 1080P auxiliary stream images, and continue the consistent high definition and low bandwidth features of HUAWEI terminal. Under the low bandwidth of 384k, users can enjoy high definition video. TE10 also supports media encryption, signaling encryption, ensuring the safety of conference content and eliminating users' concerns about cloud video information security. Through the simple button remote controller and the characteristic sliding touch knob, a more humanized operation design is realized. Support USB automatic import configuration, no professionals, maintenance more convenient.

TE 10 Multi cloud collaboration, easy access to a variety of cloud platforms

Relying on HUAWEI enterprise communication cloud platform and IMS, TE10 can support a variety of cloud video services, fully meet the needs of cloud video operation. At the same time, TE10 has a rich API interface, and can be flexible and integrated with the third party business platform, such as BlueJeans, ZOOM, Videxio, StarLeaf, Hua Yun Tong and so on. Video calls can be launched through cloud platform accounts, plug and play, making video calls faster.

With the increasing popularity of cloud video operation mode, HUAWEI TE10 will bring new vitality into the traditional video conference industry by virtue of its remarkable advantages, such as compact and easy to use, easy to use, and so on.


Huawei TE10
Product Type Videoconferencing endpoint
Visual resolution 720p
Video Input Interface 1× Built-in camera input
Video Output Interface 1×HDMI
Audio Input Interface 1 x built-in microphone array, Bluetooth