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Backboard bandwidth of PoE switches in monitoring

2018-05-28 10:18:34
Backboard bandwidth of PoE switches in monitoring

Whether it is a common switch or a Powered PoE switch, we will see an important parameter, which is the backboard bandwidth, which is directly related to the performance and reliability of the switch.

The backboard bandwidth of the switch is the maximum amount of data that can be swallowed between the switch interface processor or the interface card and the data bus, indicating the total data exchange capacity of the switch. The higher the backboard bandwidth, the stronger the ability to process data. When PoE switches supply AP power, it doesn't require the backboard bandwidth, but if it is supplied to a network camera, its backboard bandwidth is very important, because video surveillance has a bit stream problem.

The bit stream refers to the data flow used in the unit time of video files. The video code stream itself is very large in a certain moment. If the backboard bandwidth of the PoE switch is too small, the video transmission will be delayed or jammed, which is fatal for the network monitoring. It can be seen that the PoE switch with suitable backplane bandwidth is selected in monitoring engineering.

It's very important.

In practical applications, we can probably think that the stream of 100W (720P) pixel camera is 4.5M, the stream of 130W (960P) pixel camera is 6M, the stream of the 200W (1080P) pixel camera is 8M, the bit stream of the 300W pixel camera is 10M, and the stream of the 500W pixel camera is used. For example, a 200W (1080P) pixel and a 8M stream camera can usually be PoE switches with 8 PoE ports, such as Fengrun Da PS10