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Communication planning scheme for industrial Ethernet switch

1, industrial Ethernet switch communication planning plan overview

Industrial Ethernet can provide a more powerful solution, which will help reduce costs, increase productivity and simplify system complexity. The Ethernet is built on a cheap and universal data link standard. Ethernet has long been considered an ideal choice for data transmission. In recent years, thanks to its increasingly prominent super stability, Ethernet has been used in more and more industrial fields.

The focus of industrial Ethernet is to use switched Ethernet technology as the controller and operating station, and to provide an interactive mechanism for the coordination and cooperation of various workstations and to integrate with the upper information network seamlessly.

At present, industrial Ethernet begins to occupy the mainstream position on the monitoring layer network, and is infiltrating into the field equipment layer network. Industrial Ethernet has many advantages compared with previous automation technology. With the continuous deepening of information construction, the demand for digital equipment, intelligent equipment and industrial robots is increasing. The information of our equipment industry and industrial Ethernet switch are widely used in various fields.

Ethernet technology used in industrial control field in industrial Ethernet is technically compatible with commercial Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 standard), but the actual products and applications are completely different. The main performance of the commercial Ethernet switch product design, in the selection of material, the strength of the product, applicability and real-time, interoperability, reliability, anti-interference, essential security and other aspects can not meet the needs of the industrial site.

With the development of Internet/ Intranet, Ethernet has penetrated into every corner. Users on the network have removed the constraints of the geographical location of the resources. On any computer of the Internet, we can browse the data of the industrial control field and realize "integration of control and management", which is impossible for any other field bus. It is comparable.

The introduction of Ethernet will provide the possibility for the subsequent development of the control system, and the user does not need to study the technical upgrades alone. For this, any existing fieldbus technology is unparalleled. At the same time, the development of robot technology and intelligent technology all require the communication network to have higher bandwidth and performance, and the communication protocol has higher flexibility, which demands that Ethernet can be satisfied well.

2, industrial Ethernet communication network planning

(1) reasonable planning at the beginning of the project, considering network optimization at the system level, in order to obtain better data transmission quality, save the cost of equipment investment and time cost of network installation and debugging.

(2) it is reasonable to use tree topology to divide the network conflict domain, and try not to use the cascade structure of the switch, because when the data frame passes through a network, the delay time will be accumulated.

(3) when using the tree topology network, we will organize the network according to the communication relationship between the devices. The two field devices with large communication traffic are as distributed as possible to the same subnet as much as possible, so that the traffic in the subnet is as large as possible, and the data frame transmissions across the two subnets of the top switch are as few as possible, which can effectively reduce the end to end delay of the network.

(4) local network congestion may lead to the bottleneck of the performance of the whole network, so the flow of each subnet through a top switch should be distributed as well as possible.

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