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EnGenius EWS1200-28T AC controller Gigabit wireless management intelligent switch

EnGenius EWS1200-28T AC controller Gigabit wireless management intelligent switch

Best intelligent management switch

In the Neutron series, a new network extension solution, including EWS1200d - 10T, EWS1200 - 28T and EWS1200 - 52T, is introduced, and the intelligent switch family of EnGenius EWS1200 Gigabit management is introduced. There are 3 different port options, 8, 24, and 48 ports that can be deployed from small businesses to enterprise enterprises, which are equipped with Gigabit connections to supply power for all kinds of devices. With a wealth of L2 management manageability, IT managers, VARs, and MSPs can take advantage of fast deployment, simplified maintenance, and seamless upgrades to reduce overall cost of ownership, thus providing a profitable solution for the best combination of features, performance, and value for enterprises.

Feature 2 layer manageability

The EnGenius EWS1200 family consists of 2 layer switching functions, such as IGMP Snooping, MLD Snooping, Port mirror, fast spanning tree, multiple spanning trees, spanning trees, VLAN groups, voice VLAN, ACL, 802.1 x port security, SNMP representation and link aggregation control protocol. The IEEE 802. 3x flow control function allows the server to connect directly to the switch for fast and reliable data transmission. Network maintenance features include spanning tree and cable diagnostics. IT managers, VARs and MSPs are expanding the network deployment of enterprises, schools, resorts, and hotels, or other expansion places, to achieve higher performance and reliability in a value price point that is more attractive than a larger and more focused network brand.

Simplifying WLAN management

In addition to its powerful second layer switching function, EWS1200 can also serve as a fully functional wireless controller capable of managing up to 50 Neutron APs. The neutron switch can automatically detect any supported EnGenius APs connected to the network, with simple click of mouse, self configuring, and immediately manageable. Simply login to the device through the web browser and assign the APs to the cluster group. Radio, wireless security, and other AP configurations can be easily applied to multiple APs at the same time, thereby eliminating the time-consuming process of configuring each wireless AP alone. Any organization with limited IT engineers and budgets can quickly create a stable and secure wireless network. If there is no additional cost or permission to purchase, the network administrator can manage and monitor wired and wireless nodes through a web interface.

Easy management and visibility

The EWS1200 family switch is designed for easy network management and can be quickly added to other existing brand L2 and L3 switches. The configuration switch can be efficiently managed through an intuitive and friendly Web interface. The switch also includes SNMP (V1, V2C and V3) for collecting and tracking data for network health monitoring, device management, and easy and critical IT control and policy execution. The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) function allows home switches and other connected network devices to publish and display their identity and functionality on the local network, which helps managers to better manage, eliminate, or correct problems that may arise in the network.

VLAN and voice VLAN

The EWS1200 family switch supports 802.1 Q VLAN for improving and bandwidth utilization. The switch implements the process of setting up VoIP devices on the network. Voice VLAN provides clear quality and effective transmission for all voice communications. VLAN also provides a way to protect each broadcast domain and isolate them. VLAN can be configured to split departmental resources. The VLAN implemented on the SMB network helps to restrict sensitive information access from one department to another.

Make the network more secure

The EWS1200 family switch also supports 802.1 port based authentication, so the IT manager can authenticate the client through the external RADIUS server. In addition, the access control list (ACL) feature improves network security and protects the network by filtering traffic from unauthorized MAC or IP addresses.

QoS more fluent video conferencing, clear phone

The priority queue ensures that high priority traffic can be effectively transmitted and even congestion occurs when high traffic bursts. In the case of increased traffic, the ability to prioritize traffic can provide quality for delay sensitive services and applications. For task - critical environments, 802.1D, 802.1 W, and 802.1s spanning protocol (STP) can use a redundant backup bridge to configure switches to ensure the transmission and reception of packets in any failed switch event on the network. In order to create a streamlined network, the 802.1p priority tag puts a priority tag in the specified framework to identify in the received queue and prioritize the priority before other frames. IEEE 802.1 P allows administrators to specify and specify traffic priority to ensure the quality of applications, such as transparent and non jitter VoIP and video conferencing.

energy conservation

The EnGenius EWS1200 family can save electricity without sacrificing performance. By using the high efficiency Ethernet (EEE) standard, when the traffic is low, the network will automatically reduce its power usage without installation. The switch can also detect the length of the connection cable to automatically reduce the power usage of the cable connection.

Multicast support

The EWS1200 family supports IGMP Snooping, MLD Snooping and VLAN for multicast applications. Registration information is recorded and sorted into multicast groups by transmitting the passive SnO leveled IGMP packets between the switch and the IP multicast host. Then, the switch can intelligently forward to the designated port of the request multicast traffic. MLD Snooping improves the efficiency of selective distribution by forwarding IPv6 multicast data to the receiving port instead of injecting all ports in VLAN.

Hardware specification


exchange capacity


Support Web, TFTP firmware upgrades

Forwarding mode

Storage and forward

SNTP time server client



system log



Cables diagnosis


24*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port

SSH server


4*SFP port

Double image


1*Console port

Wireless management function


1*Reset Button

Manageable AP number: 50

Shell specification

Iron shell

AP automatic discovery


19 inch, 1U, upper frame

Automatically assign IP addresses to AP


Group centralized management

Switch function

AP remote boot

2 layers of basic functions

Port Mirror

AP device naming


Port binding

AP wireless parameter setting


802.3ad link aggregation

Band guide


Storm suppression (unicast / multicast / broadcast)

Flow adjustment


Port isolation

Quick handover


line rate


spanning tree

802.1d spanning tree

Wireless client number restriction


802.1s fast spanning tree

Mesh network (need to upgrade software)



Wireless security settings(WEP, WPA/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise)


802.1q Tag VLAN

Collocation of VLAN and multiple SSID collocation


Voice VLAN

Multiple SSID


Port based priority

AP state monitoring


Priority based on 802.1p markup

Wireless client state monitoring


Priority based on ToS/DSCP

Wireless traffic statistics

multicast management

IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping

Visual topology (can be combined with online map or import floor plan).


MLD v1/v2 Snooping

Control message encryption

Safety characteristics

Port based 802.1x authentication

Local MAC Address Database


Port MAC address binding

Remote MAC address database (RADIUS)


Attack protection

Device configuration batch import / export


Access control list (ACL)

Intelligent diagnosis


SSH server

Batch upgrading of device firmware

management function

Web、CLI、Telenet administration


SNMP v1, v2c, v3





EnGenius Gigabit wireless management intelligent switch


Product description


8 port Gigabit management intelligent wireless control switch with 2 SFP slots


24 port Gigabit management intelligent wireless control switch with 4 SFP slots


48 port Gigabit management intelligent wireless control switch with 4 SFP slots

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