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Green intelligent Wan 3 layer switch series

 Green intelligent Wan 3 layer switch series

8 light and 20 electric management type MBX

It provides 4 SFP+ gigabit optical ports, 4 Gigabit photoelectric multiplexing ports and 20 Gigabit gates.




It provides 4 SFP+ gigabit optical ports, 4 Gigabit photoelectric multiplexer and 20 Gigabit power.

exchange capacity


Packet forwarding rate


VLAN Characteristic

Supports Port-bbsed VLAN, supports IEEE802.1Q VLAN  , private VLAN, Protocol VLAN, Voice VLAN   Support MAC VLAN    , Supports ordinary QinQ, Selective QinQ, Supports flexible QinQ, VLAN Translation , support N:1 VLANTranslation


Supports IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Client, IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Relay, Option 82, and Option 37/38

Supports IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Snooping, IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Server


Support STP, RSTP, MSTP, support multi-process MSTP*, support LACP load balancing, support VRRP, support EMVTE (ULPP + ULSM) and MRPP, support G.8032 standard ring network protocol, support loopback detection, VCT, DDM, support disconnect Alarm Dying gasp function, support ULDP (implement the same function as Cisco UDLD)


Support port speed limit, support broadcast and storm control based on messages and bytes, support port /MAC binding, MAC filtering

Support port based and VLAN based MAC quantity restrictions, support for ARP spoofing, ARP scanning, ARP binding.

Support DHCP Snooping, ND Snooping, support DAI, support standard IEEE 802.1x, expand IEEE 802.1x, Web Portal

Support TACACS+


Support IPv4/IPv6 static routing




Support flow classification based on ACL flow, VLAN ID, COS, TOS, DSCP, IPv6 FlowLabel, and support aggregate PolicyMap.

Supporting PolicyMap bindings based on port and VLAN, supporting single speed single barrel double color, single speed double barrel tricolor, double speed double barrel three color supervision, supporting DSCP, COS/802.1p priority, TOS and other fields rewriting, supporting 8 queues per port, supporting SP, WRR, SWRR, DWRR queue scheduling algorithm


Support IP ACL based on source / destination IP, IP protocol type, IP priority, TCP/UDP source and destination port number.

Support MAC ACL, match MAC based on source / destination MAC, VLAN ID, COS, and support IP+MAC combination ACL.

Support custom ACL, support ACL based on time, support port and VLAN based ACL binding, support ACL based redirection, support the execution of traffic statistics analysis based on ACL matching

Managing Yun Wei

Support CLI, support Ethernet port, support IPv4/IPv6HTTP, support IPv4/IPv6 FTP/TFTP, support IPv4/IPv6 SNTP/NTP

Radius authentication for IPv4/IPv6's telnet username and password, SSH support for IPv4/IPv6, support for Security IP security network management, syslog for IPv4/IPv6, support SNMPv1/v2c/v3, support MIB interface, support Trap

Support RMON 1, 2, 3, 9 four groups, support double IMG and multi configuration files, support LLDP, support port mirrors, CPU mirrors, RSPAN and ERSPAN, support sFlow traffic monitoring, support Reset one key restore, support zero contact configuration *, support IEEE1588 time synchronization

Support Information Centor,Support OAM,Support VSF

Energy saving and environmental protection

Support 802.3az energy efficiency Ethernet EEE, support fan automatic speed regulation, temperature alarm, support LED Shut-off

Physical dimensions (wide × deep × high)

442mm x 280mm x 43.6mm

Relative humidity of working environment

10%~90%,No condensation

Working environment temperature

Subzero 5℃-50℃

Storage environment temperature

Subzero 40℃-85℃

Rated power input

90~ 264VAC,47~63Hz

System power consumption




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