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How to Determine the PoE Switch Capacity

2018-05-29 09:51:08

Before determining the amount of PoE switches, it is necessary to clarify three concepts, the PoE power supply standard, the total power of the PoE switch, and the powered device power.

There are two PoE power standards, namely, af and at. The maximum value of the power supply power of the former is 15.4W, the power of the power receiving device is 12.95W, and the maximum power of the latter is 30W. The power of the power device is reached. 25W.

If the power of a webcam is 15W, it is clear that a PoE switch that only supports the af standard cannot meet its needs and needs to support the at-standard PoE switch.

The total power of a PoE switch is an important indicator to measure the amount of incoming traffic and directly affects the number of trails.

If the total PoE power supply of the CC1024 24-port PoE switch PS1024 switch is 370 W, then it can supply 24 ports (370/15.4=24), but if it is calculated according to the IEEE802.3at standard single-port maximum power supply of 30 W, At most, only 12 ports can be powered (370/30=12).

In general, first understand the maximum power consumption of the powered device, and then use the total power supply power of the PoE switch to divide the maximum power consumption to determine how many PoE switches can provide power to the device. Quantity.