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How to select high quality monitoring PoE switches

The PoE switch is a "grain and grass supply plant" in the field of monitoring and control. It has a very important role to allow the original network monitoring system to avoid complex power wiring, but it can also allow the camera to gain a stable power supply. With it, the transmission lines of the video data can be transmitted at the same time, and the construction steps can be simplified so as to make the whole monitoring project simpler.

The PoE switch and the common switch used in monitoring are different, not only to transmit video data, but also to "shoulder" the responsibility of power supply, so the power supply must be chosen properly. There are many kinds of PoE switches on the market, which are often dazzling. As the leading transmission products & service providers in the security field, the PoE not only provides all kinds of switches to meet the needs of monitoring and control, but also allows users to use PoE switches and use them well. How to select high quality monitoring PoE switches? Several important technical indicators (for users and users) are summarized below.

1. backboard bandwidth

Since it is still a switch, it also needs to transmit video data, and requires that the monitoring screen be smooth, clear and not carton. The bandwidth of the PoE switch must be large. This can be judged from the backboard bandwidth and packet forwarding rate of PoE switches.

2.PoE overall power supply power

Because one of the important "responsibilities" is power supply, the overall PoE power supply must be sufficient, and the power of the PoE switch must be greater than the video camera or VCR. If multiple cameras are supplied at the same time, the total power of the PoE switch must be greater than the total power of the camera.

3. port protection

Many surveillance cameras are installed outside, so the "PoE" protection measures to power it must be in place. PSE short circuit protection, intelligent power management, PoE overload, power over temperature protection, overvoltage protection, surge current protection, lightning protection, and so on, so as to provide higher reliability and stability.

4. power supply standard

There are two kinds of power supply standards for PoE switches, which are referred to as AF and at standards. The latter is more advanced than the former and provides greater power supply. The general at standard is compatible with the AF standard, and the at standard PoE switch is better. If the power of the camera itself does not exceed 10W, then choose the AF standard.

5. environmental adaptability

The requirements for environmental adaptability are not more than humidity and temperature. The good environmental adaptability of the PoE switch indicates that the working temperature and humidity range are relatively large, especially for the PoE switches used in outdoor environment.

6. use convenience

Whether it is convenient to use and simple to install is also a consideration for PoE switches. If it is used complicated and needs additional configuration, it will not play a convenient role.

7. power supply distance

Although the standard power supply distance of the PoE switch is 100 meters, if the distance of the power supply of the monitoring project exceeds that distance, a 250 meter PoE switch can be selected. At present, many manufacturers have introduced this type, such as PS2082E, which can transmit data and electricity to the distance of 250 meters at the same time.

8. transmission rate

The PoE switch has a transmission speed of 100 trillion and Gigabit, which is 100 trillion or Gigabit. It has great influence on monitoring engineering and monitoring screen. If it should have chosen Gigabit and mistaken choice of 100 trillion, I am sorry, either the monitoring system is not working, or the picture is stuck.

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