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How to use a router as a switch

2018-05-24 09:46:22

When the router as a switch as the following setting, the following is the example of using the most user TP-LINK routers. For everyone, other brand routers are similar to this. The following steps are as follows:

1. First login router management interface

Enter the default router login address in the browser, and the default is If you don't look at the nameplate in the router's shell, then you know how to log in to the router.

2, after entering the router management interface, select the left menu bar "DHCP server" to "DHCP service", choose not to enable the "DHCP server", and then save

3, then in the left menu bar select "network parameters" to LAN port settings, the IP address of the LAN port to be changed to: or other IP address as long as it does not conflict with other local IP address, it is proposed to be unified into 192.14, more set up, the basic router can be used as a switch to use, no It should be noted that the WAN port of the router is not available, and the other four ports can be used as switch ports.

After four steps easy to use the router when the switch is used, many users may find that the router is not set, as long as it does not use the WAN port, the LAN port can actually be used as a switch, but some routers can cause network instability or even drop if they do not pass the above settings. I hope that the router will be used as a switch, and it is necessary to make the exchange more stable, if it is to be used as a router in the future.