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OLT FTTH standard room configuration

The construction of the computer room is also an important part of the building intelligent system. The construction of the equipment room covers building decoration, power supply, lighting, lightning protection, grounding, UPS uninterruptible power supply, precision air conditioning, environmental monitoring, fire alarm and fire extinguishing, access control, anti-theft, closed-circuit monitoring, integrated wiring and system integration.



Computer room construction ideas

Integrated computer room construction: Consider computer room equipment, monitoring equipment, strong and weak power systems, data/non-data equipment, etc. as a complete system, and exert the linkage and interaction of each subsystem as much as possible.

Manageable and Scalable: Modern computer room construction is not only a functional requirement, but also has good manageability, providing users with a friendly management interface, while ensuring capacity and performance scalability. Protect user investment.

High-quality project management: Computer room construction is a specialized and comprehensive project. Require strict rigor in the construction planning, scheme design, construction and installation of various subsystems such as decoration, power distribution, air conditioning, new exhaust, monitoring, access control, fire protection, lightning protection, overvoltage prevention, grounding, integrated wiring and network. Coordinated management to ensure the quality and cycle of the project.

Computer room construction plan

The design of the computer room construction plan should be based on the technical requirements put forward by the user, and carry out on-the-spot investigation of the buildings constructed in the computer room. According to the relevant national standards and norms, the overall design should be carried out according to the various system operation characteristics. The overall computer room construction plan is based on business perfect technical specifications, safety and reliability, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system. In terms of material selection and investment, it is treated differently according to functions and equipment requirements, and meets the special requirements of users, so that investment is focused, the physical and mental health of the staff of the machine room is guaranteed, and the service life of the system is prolonged. The work of the computer room construction is to focus on this fundamental task. By combining the above design ideas with high-quality products, we will create a safe, reliable, beautiful and comfortable working place for the equipment and staff in the machine room.


A comprehensive computer room construction should include the following aspects: 1. Machine room decoration; 2. Power supply system; 3. Air conditioning system; 4. Access control system; 5. Monitoring system; 6. Fire alarm system; Grounding system

First, the computer room decoration

The equipment room decoration in the construction of the engine room mainly includes ceilings, partition walls, doors, windows, wall decoration, construction acceptance of the ground and raised floor, and other indoor operations. The decoration of the computer room is the foundation of the construction of the entire computer room and an important part of the construction of the computer room environment. The equipment room must have a physical environment that is dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-static, flame-retardant, insulated, heat-insulated, and noise-reduced; the functional area separation of the equipment room should be clear and easy to identify and maintain.

The decoration work of the equipment room should be in accordance with the "Construction and Acceptance Specifications for Decorative Engineering", "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Ground and Floor Engineering", "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Wood Structure Engineering" and "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure Engineering" Provisions.

The site, materials and equipment should be cleaned during the construction of the equipment room. Concealed works (such as under the floor, ceiling, false wall, and interlayer) must be dusted and cleaned before sealing. The surface of the dark area should be kept clean for a long time, free of skin and cracks.

The cutting of all pipelines in the equipment room must be dust-proof, and then the gap must be filled with sealing material. In the case of paste, adhesive veneer and other coating construction, the environmental conditions shall comply with the provisions of the material specification.

The equipment decoration materials should be selected as non-toxic and non-irritating materials as possible. Try to choose flame retardant and flame retardant materials. Otherwise, fireproof coatings should be applied as much as possible.

Second, power supply system

1. Ensure that the core equipment (server, network equipment and auxiliary equipment) of the equipment room are safe and stable. The core equipment power supply system must meet the first-class power supply standard, that is, an uninterruptible power supply system must be established. When the mains power fails, the actual output power of the uninterruptible power supply system main power supply should be 1.5 times larger than the back end load, and the full load running time should not be less than 120 minutes.

2. Information system equipment power supply system must be separated from power and lighting system. (Power supply system requirements: frequency, 50Hz; voltage, 380V/220V; phase number, three-phase five-wire or three-phase four-wire system / single-phase three-wire system; steady-state voltage offset range 220v (-10 ~ +10%); Steady-state frequency offset range, 50Hz (-0.5~+0.5%).

3. Power wiring requirements: The UPS power supply in the equipment room should be powered by independent dual-loop power supply. The input current should meet the current requirements of the UPS input terminal. The power supply line under the static floor is placed in the pipe, branched to each power consumption area, and used for each power supply. The socket distributes power to prevent external electromagnetic interference from the system equipment; the line must be marked with the direction and function.

Three, air conditioning system

1. Maintain the relatively stable temperature and humidity in the equipment room through the air conditioning system of the computer room, so that all kinds of equipment in the equipment room maintain a good operating environment to ensure reliable and stable operation of the system. (Computer room system requirements: annual temperature, 18 ~ 25 ° C; relative humidity, 35 ~ 65%; temperature change rate, < 10 ° C / h; and no condensation)

2. The machine room should have waterproof measures to ensure the safe operation of the equipment room. (The machine room is usually equipped with a constant temperature wet device. Therefore, it is forbidden to use the cold and heating system under normal circumstances. If it has been used, it must be strict to the system water supply and drainage pipe. Leak prevention and remedial measures).

According to the technical requirements of GB2887-82 engine room, according to Class A design, temperature T=23°C±2°C, relative humidity=55%±5%, upper limit in summer and lower limit in winter. The airflow organization adopts the lower air supply and the upper return air, that is, the antistatic movable floor static pressure box supplies air, and the ceiling top microplate returns air. The fresh air volume design takes 10% of the total air volume, and the medium and low degree filtration, after mixing the fresh air and the return air, enters the air conditioning equipment to improve the control precision, save investment and facilitate management.

Four access control system

The main purpose of the access control management system in the construction of the engine room is to ensure the safety of equipment and materials in important areas, to facilitate the reasonable flow of personnel, and to implement various types of access control for personnel entering these important areas in order to restrict personnel from entering and leaving at will; The card is preferably a popular inductive card; the card entry and exit system should first have the function of setting permissions, that is, the time each card can enter and exit, which door can be accessed, and different card holders should have different permissions; Effective entry should be archived or counted; there should be a complete password system, that is, changes to the system, different operators should have different permissions; electric locks should use safe and reliable products, with electric lock or no electric lock according to users The requirements are adjustable; in case of emergency or when the electric lock fails, there should be an emergency key to open the door; the access control system preferably uses a computer control system; the complete system preferably has a backup power supply.

Five, monitoring system

There are a large number of servers, cabinets and racks in the equipment room. Since these cabinets and racks are generally relatively high, there are many dead angles for monitoring. Therefore, in the TV monitoring and distribution, the main entrances and exits are mainly considered, and cameras are installed between each row of cabinets. If the space at each entrance and exit is relatively large, consider using a camera with zoom. Between each row of cabinets, the focus camera can be configured according to the monitoring distance. If there are multiple rooms in the equipment room, consider installing cameras in the UPS room and control room.

The image signal of the equipment room monitoring should be kept for 24 hours. The video recording method can be used for hard disk recording or a traditional video recording system. The closed-circuit television control system preferably has a video dynamic alarm function. At the same time, if you have the video remote transmission function, that is, the monitoring signal is transmitted to the remote customer's designated place via Internet, ISDN, LAN or telephone line, it will be more convenient when used.

Six, fire alarm system

There are many important equipments in the equipment room, the equipment is of high value, the equipment is intensive, and the equipment needs 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. The fire protection requirements are high. Once the equipment room has a fire, in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, the fire protection system needs to be in the first time. The fire is automatically started within the fire to notify remote managers to reduce losses.

1. Physical environment of the equipment room: The structure, materials and configuration facilities of the equipment room must meet the requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention.

2. The equipment room should have temperature, smoke, alarm and other equipment and fire-fighting equipment and facilities. Gas fire-extinguishing agent must be used.


Seven, Lightning protection grounding system

In order to prevent damage to the equipment room and data loss, the lightning protection grounding of the equipment room in the computer room construction is especially important. According to the lightning protection design code of the national building, the construction plan of the machine room is equipotentially connected to the outer casing and metal parts of the electrical and electronic equipment of the equipment room, and the power supply lightning protection device is installed at the input end of the low-voltage power distribution cable. Pay attention to the following two points in the lightning protection grounding system of the equipment room:

1. The grounding system of the equipment room must be equipped with an independent grounding body; DC grounding, anti-static grounding should be independent grounding; AC working ground and safety protection grounding should be grounded by power system; no grounding cable should be shared, all cabinets must be grounded.

2. The external protection of the lightning protection system of the equipment room is mainly carried out by the lightning protection system of the building; the metal information cable directly connected to the equipment room must be protected against surge; all weak electric cables are not exposed to the external environment. The weak bridge is connected by a flat copper flexible cable for reliable grounding; the power supply system of the equipment room is at least two-pole anti-surge treatment; the end of the important load is protected against surge.

In addition to the above systems, the equipment room construction also has an integrated wiring system that is inserted into the entire equipment room. The computer room integrated wiring system should meet the redundancy of the trunk line, all the cables, optical cables, information modules, connectors in the equipment room wiring system. Patch panels, cabinets, etc. should be easily identified in the place where they are installed, and the cables should be neatly arranged. Each cable, optical cable, information module, patch panel and end point in the wiring should be assigned a uniform identifier. The cable is in two. The end must be marked to ensure convenient maintenance and flexible operation.

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