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PTN device switch network transmission

What are the advantages of PTN network switch?

Using dynamic loop to monitor PTN network access mode is simple and efficient, less fault points, easy to manage and maintenance, 1+1APS protection, strong self healing ability and high network security; IDU data of different sites are isolated by VLAN, reducing network storm. The service bandwidth can be adjusted dynamically at any time; IP universal interface is used to facilitate the access of all kinds of new services, special high-definition image and other high bandwidth demand monitoring services, save the core room space, and save energy and emission reduction.

Simply speaking, the PTN network transmission does not need to converge and converge in the middle, simplifies the network structure, reduces the possible failure points, and enhances the reliability of the business transmission.

The ring network mode of CCIT PTN switch can be applied to base stations, intelligent cities, security monitoring and so on.

PTN device switch network transmission

The feature of the scheme:

1, the cost of investment is low: the central machine room is converged with PTN, with a built-in Gigabit exchange, and no more equipment is needed. It improves the space utilization rate of the machine room, improves the maintenance response and reduces the occurrence of the fault point. At the same time, through the integrated access of the equipment, the unified network of the access layer from the center to the client is achieved. Tube. Thus greatly saving the overall cost of investment in the future business hall rectification.

2, the network structure is simple and stable: from the central machine room to the client through the optical fiber access, the equipment and space of the client and the access machine room are simplified, thus the generation of the fault transfer point is reduced and the line stability rate is improved; the modular converging equipment is installed in the gathering room to save the whole network construction and the operation maintenance cost. In the converging machine room, it can reduce the connection point, reduce the fault point, ensure the cleanliness of the machine room, facilitate the maintenance of the access lines of each network, and improve the reliability of the whole network.

3, data confidentiality is high: business is directly connected to PTN transmission network after convergence, no need to add switches, to provide users with high density of business transmission.

4, powerful and easy to use network management function: configure SNMP network management software, you can realize the whole network management from the center end and the client level two devices. It can carry out alarm management, report statistics, error code statistics, line ring test, Ethernet work mode setting, bandwidth setting, client PTN light cat power off / broken fiber warning display and other comprehensive network management functions.

5, the stability of the overall scheme: each link of the scheme is independent of each other, assuming that the equipment fails and does not affect the normal operation of other outlets. Ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

PTN switch

PTN switch:

CCIT HY-61212 is a new generation of intelligent Gigabit PTN switch launched by CCIT, which is mainly used for security monitoring industry.

HY-61212 is our new generation of intelligent management Gigabit security and converging replacement. It can also be used as a management optical transceiver. This product provides the OAM capability of the business layer, which makes the design and implementation of the access network more general. It has the ability of PTN connection and networking, simplifies the operation interface, makes the network maintenance methods effective and unified, and is more conducive to the realization of efficient network management.

CCIT products are certified by CE, ROHS, FCC and so on. CCIT is the first PTN switch brand in Southwest China, and has become the first choice for Southwest switches.

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