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The development trend and selection method of PoE switch

PoE refers to the transmission of data signals for some IP based terminal Poe power supply (such as IP telephone, wireless LAN access point AP, network camera, etc.), while the existing Ethernet Cat.5 wiring infrastructure does not make any changes, but it can provide DC power supply for such devices.

PoE technology can ensure the safety of the existing structured cabling while ensuring the normal operation of the existing network and minimizing the cost. For the terminal, there is no need to consider the problem of electricity and electricity in the room. Only the cost reduction, the convenient control and the simplification of the wiring project can be easily realized through the standard interface.

In recent years, the market share of network cameras with PoE interface is growing rapidly. In 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and the gradual deepening of the construction of Pingan City, the status of network cameras in the market is becoming higher and higher. The share of network cameras is increasing, and the proportion of PoE switches will increase. It is obvious that the application of PoE switches in security industry has become more and more promising.

With the features of easy installation, simple configuration and simple network structure, the use of PoE switches in the security field has gradually been recognized by the market and has the potential for high-speed development. It is foreseeable that the PoE switch will be better and better in the future.

At the same time, more and more users also choose to buy PoE switch products according to their own needs, but facing the huge security market, how to choose a suitable PoE switch has become the most concerned problem for the seller. What do you need to know about choosing a suitable PoE switch product? In the past 10 years, we have been focusing on R & D of PoE switches to provide you with some skills to help you choose products successfully.

1, power supply power

Power supply is the power supply capability of PoE switches, and it has a direct impact on the normal operation of surveillance cameras. The power supply power standard has two kinds of IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at. The single port output power of the AF standard PoE switch is 15.4W, and the single port output power of the at standard PoE switch can reach 30W. It can be seen that for large power surveillance cameras, it is recommended to adopt at standard PoE switches.

In addition to the single port output power, it depends on the overall power of the PoE switch. At present, the common power in the market is 60W, 96W, 150W, 250W, 400W and so on. The larger the total power is, the stronger the power supply capability can provide more cameras.

2, power supply

Power supply is an important component that affects the quality of PoE switches, and it is also an important sign to judge its advantages and disadvantages. Because the PoE switch is a power supply device, the power of one of its hardware is very important. In order to save cost, some PoE switch manufacturers use cheap or inferior power supply, which will cause problems in the use of PoE switches, such as non power supply, power supply instability, power burning and so on.

Only the PoE switch with high quality power is guaranteed. The PoE switch with high quality uses high quality power supply, and supports double standard intelligent power supply, and the power supply is 400W. It is known as "high power" intelligent switch.

3, port

It is not possible to monitor the transmission of video data without an interface, and there will be a lot of data transmission in the actual application of HD monitoring, and this user needs to pay attention to the selection and purchase of the data. In addition, the port type of the PoE switch can affect the networking scheme. The port of the PoE switch has the PoE function electric port, the electric port without the PoE function, the aperture and so on. It is the PoE switch that selects the charged port or the PoE switch with a light port, which can be selected according to the specific circumstances.

The ports of the PoE switch also have a number of ports, ranging from 4 to 24 ports, which are determined by the number of ports that can be powered by PoE, and the more ports they are available to support more monitoring cameras at the same time. Generally speaking, the number of ports in 4 ports is too small, and there are too many port data in 24 ports. The most commonly used PoE switches are 8 ports and 16 ports.

4, transmission bandwidth

At present, high definition is the mainstream trend of network monitoring, but it needs to be noted that to achieve high definition effect, it is necessary to cooperate with the whole equipment. It is not enough to configure the high definition video camera and the high definition real terminal. The network bandwidth is also one of the important factors. So when choosing PoE switches, we need to see its speed, backplane bandwidth, packet forwarding rate and other indicators.

Generally speaking, the Gigabit PoE switch is faster than a megabyte PoE switch, with large backboard bandwidth and high packet forwarding rate. That is, Gigabit PoE switches have higher performance than a 100 megabyte PoE switch. Therefore, when users buy PoE switches, they should take full consideration of their own bandwidth ability. If the bandwidth is not enough to support high definition transmission, there will be a packet loss and affect the monitoring effect. To achieve HD and smooth results, you can use Gigabit PoE switches.

5, price of PoE switch

Price is also a factor in measuring purchase demand. Because of the wide variety of PoE switches and the uneven price levels in the market, many users do not know which option to choose. Although the price of PoE switches of large manufacturers or large brands is too high, it can not be denied that their quality is guaranteed to a certain extent. Some small brand manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of general quality or poor quality components, although extremely price advantage, but recommended careful choice.

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