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The difference between switches and routers

(1) switch

The switch (SWITCHING) is the general name of the technology that transfers information to the corresponding routing in accordance with the need to transmit information at both ends of the communication. Wide area switch (switch) is a device that performs information exchange in communication system. It is applied to data link layer. A switch has multiple ports. Each port has a bridging function. It can connect a LAN or a high-performance server or workstation. The switch is sometimes called a multi port network bridge.

The concept of exchange improved the sharing work mode. The HUB hub is a physical layer sharing device, and the HUB itself cannot identify the MAC address and the IP address. When the A host in the same LAN sends the data to the B host, the packet is broadcast on a network based on the HUB architecture. That is to say, at the same time, the network can only transmit one on the network at the same time. Group data frame communication, if there is a collision, we must retry. This way is to share network bandwidth. Popularly speaking, ordinary switches have no management functions. One is incoming line, the other is connected to the computer.

(2) routers

The router (Router) is a device that connects the LAN and Wan in the Internet. It automatically selects and sets the route according to the channel situation, and sends the signal in the best way and in the order of front and back. The router is the hub of the Internet, "traffic police". At present, routers have been widely used in all walks of life. Different grades of products have become the main force to realize the internal connections of various backbone networks, internetworking among backbone networks and interconnected and interconnected services between backbone networks and the Internet.

Router (Router) also called gateway device (Gateway) is used to connect multiple logically separated networks. The router has the function of judging the network address and choosing the IP path. It can establish a flexible connection in the multi network interconnected environment, and can connect the seeds with different data packets and media access methods. Network, routers only accept information from source stations or other routers, and belong to an interconnected device in the network layer.

(3) the difference between switches and routers

1.the working level is different: switches work mainly in the data link layer (second level), and routers work on the network layer (third level).

2.Forwarding is based on different ways: when forwarding the object on which the switch is forwarded: MAC address. (physical address), the object of route forwarding is IP address. (network address)

3. main functions are different: the switch is mainly used to form a LAN, and the main function of the routing is to connect the good LAN of the switching unit to each other, or to connect to the Internet. The switch can not divide the broadcast domain, and the routing is possible. Routing can also provide the function of the firewall. Routing configuration is more complex than a switch.

4., the switch is a netting. But when you use the Internet to dial up individually, you use your own broadband separately, so you can't get online. And the router has a virtual dialing function more than the switch, and the Internet through the same router is sharing a broadband account, and the Internet needs to interact with each other.

5. for a few examples, the router is a small post office, an address (IP), responsible for a place to receive and receive (a personal computer, a server, so your home is on the Internet), the switch is the big postal center in the province, and is responsible for the contact of each small place by an address. Simply say that the router is in charge of the network, the switch is only distributing, the route route is to give you the way to let you surf the Internet, the switch is only responsible for opening the door, and there is no route on the switch that you can't get on the net.

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