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Wireless network coverage, you need use PoE switches?

2018-05-24 10:24:43

Remember the use of Internet access to the Internet, if you want to use the mobile phone online, you must use the cell phone's own traffic, not only very different, but also very waste of traffic. Later, with the use of wireless routers, a wireless router can be used at home, so that both the computer and the mobile phone can connect to the Internet. It is very convenient.

Although wireless routers are very convenient to use in the home environment, some large enterprises, hotels, hotels and KTV find it difficult to use wireless routers. First, the coverage distance is too short. After a certain distance, it can not connect to the network at all. The speed is too slow to meet the basic demand of Internet.

Then the wireless AP, AP can be said to be a commercial wireless network coverage of the Savior, not only transmission distance, wide coverage, and the rate is very fast, even if the 10 people at the same time there is no problem. With the development and application of PoE power supply technology in recent years, wireless AP has also been improving in this direction, and it has gradually withdrawn from the wireless AP supporting PoE power supply, such as CCIT's AP series support PoE power supply, which is a choice for the mode of power supply for AP.

Nowadays, many places that create wireless network coverage begin to use PoE switches to power AP, and see what advantages it has.

In the wireless coverage, the use of PoE switch power supply, can greatly reduce the difficulty of construction and construction costs. There is no need to think hard about how to distribute the power cord, and after using the PoE switch, the wireless AP can be installed anywhere, without restriction.

Through the PoE switch to AP power supply, not only the deployment and mode is very flexible, reduce construction cost, but also reduce construction time, later management is also very convenient.

It can be said that if you build a wireless network or use traditional power supply, you really out, and quickly use the PoE switch power supply.