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Large security scenario scheme - switch

In the security scene, the monitoring terminal often appears such as false death, management failure, image delay and other phenomena, and because the terminal and access switch deployment is relatively scattered, the daily maintenance complex, high human cost, the two problems greatly plagued the user. On the other hand, the switch used for data forwarding has the characteristics of plug and play, simple management, Gigabit downlink, ten thousand megabyte uplink, large cache, large backboard and so on. It provides the best experience for security monitoring network.

1. industrial performance

In order to cope with the complex and bad scene environment of security scene, the security industry class switch is used in the scheme. All switches are designed according to industrial standards. After a comprehensive three temperature (normal temperature, low temperature, high temperature) detection, lightning protection, -5~45 C wide temperature reliability testing, and 90-264V AC wide voltage test, it is competent for any bad application. Environmental Science。

2. transmission performance

Because video data is parallel data, there are huge frames, such as lack of caching, which will greatly reduce the integrity of the data, so it is necessary to monitor the real-time, complete and fluency of the screen. The switch used in the network month science and technology security scene scheme is designed as sufficient backboard bandwidth, can achieve full line speed forwarding, support giant frames, have large cache, high speed packet forwarding rate, guarantee single port throughput, meet the monitoring requirements of high monitoring requirements, customized for security industry, complete solution to the security industry, thoroughly settled and solved thoroughly The problem of video link carton.

3. built-in QoS+ system, the picture is more fluent

Because video surveillance data flow is large, priority is required to transmit security data to ensure the picture effect. Therefore, the QoS+ system is built in the switch used by the scheme. Through a variety of priority modes, the priority of the key traffic flow, such as voice call and video monitoring, is guaranteed, and the video surveillance picture is clearer and more fluent.

4. management is more simple

Large scale security scene has a large number of devices, and is widely deployed, easy to control and easy to use. While the switch used in the network security scenario scheme uses the "cotton candy E simple" cloud tube scheme, through cloud technology to realize the interaction between the equipment and the cloud server, using the PC/ mobile phone to use the graphical interface to check the state of the equipment at any time and support the remote warning, the management is more simple. At the same time, the device is embedded in the LED/OLED display screen, displaying important information and equipment numbers, and visualizing equipment management. The most important thing is to plug in the equipment, use high performance chip and perfect hardware architecture, all ports support line speed forwarding, ensure unimpeded transmission of security data, easy to use but rest assured.

5. security and security

No matter in which part of the security scene, security is particularly important. The switch used in the scheme supports multiple security protection such as port speed limit, broadcast control, MAC address binding, TCP/UDP protocol filtering and so on. It can block illegal data and malicious attack to encroach on the network bandwidth.

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