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UMCloud private cloud deployment scheme and case

Thanks to Mirantis's global open source cloud computing technology and UCloud's cloud computing service experience, UMCloud has successfully provided IT infrastructure support for large customers in many fields, such as operators, finance, government and enterprise, and greatly reduced the cost and technical threshold of the cloud. UMCloud private cloud product is an autonomous and unlocked enterprise level open source private cloud management platform. Based on community version OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph, and OpenContrail, strict component screening, testing, bug repair and reinforcement are made, and the automated deployment tool Fuel, management nodes and computing nodes are highly available, I Ronic bare machine management, Murano application directory, Sahara large data platform construction and other enterprise functions, to maintain the integration of the open source community and increase the enterprise readiness ability, is your cloud strategy choice.

Core products: MOS (Mirantis OpenStack distribution), MCP (Mirantis Cloud Platform), UMStor (UMCloud unified distributed storage)

MCP overall architecture:

MCP overall architecture

The architecture diagram shows:

Open source, integrate OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph and OpenContrail four open source communities to provide unified cloud platform for virtual machine, bare machine and container resources.

OpenStack virtualization, providing online downtime upgrade (reinforcement, patch, small version, large version upgrade and component add and drop).

Provide cloud platform lifecycle management, provide Infrastructure As Code, pay attention to the operation and maintenance support after deployment.

• to provide CI / CD DevOps environment at the user site, users can easily build test environment for new code and integrate the independent two development code for continuous innovation.

Provide unified technical support and operation and maintenance management services, users can focus more on business development and use;

UMCloud advantage

Code open source, self controlled, infrastructure free.

Global leading open cloud platforms (open cloud platforms for unifying virtual machines, naked machines and containers, based on open source communities such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph and OpenContrail)

Collaborative construction and support of a wide range of ecosystems in the industry

A comprehensive enrichment of the OpenStack production case (200+)

Joint open and neutral hybrid Cloud Architecture support

Core technology / product

• MOS (Mirantis OpenStack release)

MCP (Mirantis Cloud Platform, unified virtual machine, bare machine and container open cloud platform)

• UMStor (UMCloud unified distributed storage)

Use the scene

• develop the test cloud (DevOps, CI/CD environment)

Collaborative group cloud

Collaborative Industry Cloud

Association NFV

UMCloud case

UMCloud case

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UMCloud private cloud deployment scheme and case

UMCloud private cloud deployment scheme and case

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