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ICT devices provides services in IT solutions and hardware products. We aim at providing the best services in computer memory upgradation, supporting a large and diverse computer hardware products database which includes hard drives, computer memory, power supplies, CPUs and other products and accessories for all major brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Cisco, Compaq, IBM, Epson, Hitachi and others.

We cater to the needs of our customers all around the globe to help our customers optimize their business. We do so, by providing products and services that can lead to higher productivity on newer machines and extend the useful life of older ones rather than discarding them.

We value our customers by providing the best prices from our suppliers and manufacturers without compromising on the quality of the product. We give our customers the confidence to buy from us, in a way that they are aware of the fact that all products advertised on our website, ICT Devices, have been accurately described and categorized. Moreover, our products go through extensive testing before being shipped. Perfection is what we aim for in our services, for we do not settle until our clients and customers are completely satisfied with the product delivery.




Electronic Gadgets make life simpler but in order to make the best out of the available technology it is also important to choose the best hardware to boost up the efficiency of your system. Here, at ICT Devices we provide you the best options to choose from.



ICT devices welcomes International Orders. Due to the fact that we ship around the globe, we have different charges based on the location and product size.



You can avail our shopping cart to determine an International Shipping rate. After making the choice of your desired product you can simply check out and select an option to proceed further. This will help you to get notified of the shipping rates before the order is processed. Items heavier than 5 lbs. will not get charged for its delivery whereas anything that weighs less than 5 lbs. will be charged.


ICT devices wants its customers to have a good experience while buying products hence it brings the ease of not charging any handling fee from its customers. However, any customs fees imposed by your country’s customs office would be your responsibility. We strongly believe in shipping items on time but certain scenarios might lead to the delay of the delivery. Customers who buy on regular basis, can avail the facility to order without any hurdle/delay.

We appreciate providing services to our International customers, but certain scenarios lead to the verification of that International cardholder being limited outside of the home country.



Due to receiving a high degree of fraudulent credit cards that we have received from International customers, we must reserve the right to either restrict, delay or even void any credit card purchases billed or shipped to foreign addresses. In order to make the payment mode secure we may require you to pay through our PayPal account or wire transfer. Our PayPal services are open for every customer regardless of where he/she is situated on the globe, and can easily avail the service. You can pay us at… This mode of payment would make it easier for us to verify without any delay. We even offer our customers other means to pay us, which includes American Express, Visa or MasterCard although these cards can take up to 7 business days to get verified.



Our hardware products are shipped to our clients after going through extensive testing to ensure the ultimate IT and Hardware solutions for our customers. Our Hardware products provide you with a chance to select from our revised database of products based on the review of our loyal client community. These hardware products can serve as a mean to optimize the efficiency of your device while extending the useful life of your older devices and at the same time they can also provide you with an opportunity to accelerate the productivity of your newer machines.


Some of the Hardware products that we offer can be categorized as follows:

v  Accessories and batteries.

v  Cables and Adapters.

v  Memory.

v  Audio and Video.

v  Motherboards.

v  Power Supplies.

v  Networking Devices.

v  Printers and Scanners.

v   PC, Servers and Software.

v  Storage Devices.

v  CPUs and Processors.


You can check the sub-categories of each of the above-mentioned categories on ICT Devices today to see which hardware product fits the best to the needs of your device.



Today’s business world demands to provide software solutions which can oscillate from creating completely new systems or modifying the existing ones. Working as a team we can help you find the best IT solutions, as our team takes up the responsibility of providing you with:

v  IT Security.

v  IT Auditing.

v  IT Infrastructure Setup.

v  Surveillance.

v  Unified Communication.



“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.”

Clive James Security leaks and distributed denial-of service (DDoS) attacks tend to harm sensitive data of the organization.

Here at ICT devices, we help you to ensure that your IT systems are secure from potential threats. This can be a daunting task demanding specialist skills, time and resources which our specialized IT team can provide you with. We can help you to reach towards your goal for customizing to precise business needs, can be a complicated process to implement. At the end of the day protection of important organizational data is what every business aims at and that is exactly why ICT devices is here to cover all your security needs.



ICT devices has had the privilege to offer their clients with top-line IT hardware products with Security Services using firewalls and building strategies to protect the network of an enterprise from a malicious intruder.


ICT devices holds a vast line of high-profile wireless routers and LAN cards such as Cisco, D-Link, Gigabyte Technology, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks with most reliant network adaptors and switches of world’s leading IT – hardware companies such as Buffalo Technology, D-Link, Intel, Oracle Corporation, QLogic and Realtek etc. protecting your network’s security on a whole new level.


We aim at not just integrating your network security with hardware products of world’s top-notch IT companies such as Kingston, Crucial, Micron, Samsung, Hynix, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Dell but also promise you to deliver the quality you need in order to enhance secure data transfer speed and portability.



In order to ensure the optimized functioning of all the IT assets owned by an organization, audits can be a crucial step. The auditors required in this domain need to be skilled and experienced so that they can evaluate the assets in the best possible manner. Most organizations consult third party companies to fulfil this task but this is exactly where the problem lies. Most auditors are not well seasoned in their conduct and also omit the basic principles of auditing while dealing with IT auditing. We do not stick to a particular approach and leave out the other but here at ICT devices, we are dexterous in all the three approaches.



In this audit, a risk profile is made by the auditor for the company by assessing its current and future projects with regards to its experience in the field, the industry and the market.


This audit compares the innovative capabilities of the company in question with its competitors. It examines the research and development of the company as well.


In this audit, the company’s current technologies are reviewed along with the ones it would need to add. Technologies are characterized as being either “base”, “key”, “pacing” or “emerging”. Our IT auditors are well versed in conducting the audit with respect to all the approaches and also the categories of IT audit.


This audit verifies that the system and applications used by the organization are efficient, and are adequately controlled to ensure valid, reliable, timely, and secure input, processing, and output at all levels of a system’s activity.


This audit ensures that the processing facility is controlled to ensure timely, accurate, and efficient processing of applications under normal and potentially disruptive conditions.


This audit ensures that the system under development essentially meets the objectives of the company and its development is in accordance with generally accepted standards for systems development.


This audit ensures that the IT Management has provided a set of structure and procedures to ensure a controlled and efficient environment for information processing.


This audit ensures that telecommunications controls are in place on the client (computer receiving services), server, and on the network connecting the clients and servers.


Another complex and daunting challenge that awaits a company is setting up its IT infrastructure. A number of aspects demand consideration before one even considers to start the process. There is the communications aspect which dictates the medium of the communication either being landline or VoIP, network aspect which dictates either opting for a leased line or VPN. Determining all this is a tough task to pull off, but not for us. We here at ICT devices, excel at providing IT infrastructure consultancy and implementation along with our top of the line quality hardware products.


ICT devices’s technical team provides implementation support which assures compatibility and good performance of all the IT parts in your IT system. The process of implementation asks for proper planning in order to accommodate scalability for future growth and allow optimized space occupation. Our field of excellence revolves around ensuring fast and organized setup along with methodical cable of implementation.


In the list of key components of any office architecture, network infrastructure holds an eminent position. It facilitates the corporate operations to function with each other and access the internet. In the absence, of any such network the office routine would cease to function. The network engineers at ICT devices, aim at providing you with the best option to opt for as the network infrastructure solution for your company keeping in perspective the budget and resources.


The data requirements vary from company to company and they dictate the data center solution they deploy. Starting from Tape drive and media to internal hard drives and RAID controllers we have had the pleasure of implementation and maintaining all sorts of data storage components. Our expertise comes into action while dealing with SAN (Storage Area Network) and network storage devices.


The network security solutions at ICT devices range from firewalls, router and switch security, endpoint security, VPN access solutions etc. Our security experts will not use a ONE APPROACH TO FIT ALL strategy but they will recommend you the best possible solution for your business that coincides with your specified operational budget.


Storage area Network which is more commonly known as SAN storage is a local network of multiple devices that operate on disk block. This data storage technique is emerging out as a handy tool for enterprise organizations. It comprises of hosts, switches, storage elements, and storage devices which are interconnected using a variety of technologies, topologies and protocols. SANs are the most common storage networking architecture opted by enterprises and the credit goes to the attribute of delivering high throughput and low latency for business-critical applications. Moreover, SAN enables organizations to apply consistent methodologies and tools that would aid in security, data protection and disaster recovery. Engineers at ICT devices take pride in providing the best possible implementation of SAN devices. The major benefits of SANs can be described as follows:



SAN is widely renowned for its scalability. SAN scalability refers to the scenario where you do not need to limit your system in terms of being attached to a system. SANs can actually grow to hundreds of disks in size, whereas your server would be limited to about a dozen.


The unhindered performance by SAN is another key benefit of SAN, which is due to the fact that data transmitted from a SAN is on its own private network partitioned off from user traffic, backup traffic and other SAN traffic. The performance is not affected by local disk throughput bottlenecks or Ethernet traffic.



The isolation of data refers to the point that data visibility scheme is extremely secure in SAN servers. The possibility of your data being copied or stolen is extremely low and can be well-understood from the fact that even SAN admins cannot view your data. SAN prevents overlapping by storing data in different zones on the same SAN. An evident example is that both Windows and UNIX servers can connect to the same SAN but still cannot access each other’s data.


SAN provides long range connectivity over the distance at 10km (about 6 miles). This enables many companies to distance their storage units far away using fiber channel technology or other network protocols. That makes it more feasible for companies to keep their backup data in remote locations.


SAN storage plays an important role in an organization’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) activities. Also, SAN improves application availability and enhances application performance. The storage arrays in SAN use extremely good data protection algorithms to make sure that data stays consistent. SAN also simplifies storage administration and adds flexibility since cables and storage devices do not need to be locomoted in order to shift storage from one server to another.


Securing your business prospects along with upholding the integrity of your data, can be achieved through a surveillance system so that it can safeguard your business’s meaningful information and activities. In order to avoid a malicious threat or activity that may bring any kind of risk to your business a surveillance system is a dire need.

ICT devices has got your back when it comes to providing you with a wide range of industry-leading IP cameras and other network managing devices which would bring reliability and functionality to your business. We at ICT devices, are here to help you keep up with the ever-growing future security challenges.


With the growing dynamics of business, your security surveillance needs more and more sophisticated and advanced and this is exactly where our role comes into action. We provide you with the solution of an IP video surveillance system that can securely and reliably scale across a campus-wide LAN or Wireless LAN, outdoors with Mesh connectivity and even across the internet for remote locations. ICT devices uses RAID controllers, Tape Media, SSDs and other network storage belonging to the best quality hardware products in order to provide scalable storage devices and data protection.


In order to monitor the activities carried out within your organization, having an integrated digital system can help you view the surveillance feeds. ICT devices supports various specialized cameras such as Dome IP Security Cameras, Multi-lens, PTZ, Night vision IR Cameras, Network Cameras, Dome IP Security Cameras and many more to the business in order to deploy cameras suited best to their needs.


Our IP-based video surveillance caters distributed intelligence that features video motion detection and audio detection corresponding to the events recorded. A vast range of high-quality door controllers are easily integrated with our provided IP Cameras, allowing security personnel to remotely manage building entrances, centralizing logs and recording on a single portal.



Unified Communications (UC) helps you to interact with everyone in your workforce. Businesses rely on the appropriate use of technology for communication which makes it difficult for the functional areas to collaborate and operate smoothly which is required to overcome the limits of organization as a whole.

ICT devices, aims at ensuring the productivity and profitability of your organization for which it provides you with a smoother, steadfast and a secure network.


We do so, by offering the following services:

v  Communications and messages- ICT devices offers you all the communication hardware solutions depending upon the needs and requirements or the organization which would bring ease to the UC strategy. Choosing the right routers, network switches along with other essential components can help you to access and manage emails. It provides you a single-point of interface in order to meet and collaborate.

v  Infrastructure- ICT devices provides you with products featuring industry-leading engineering and cost-efficient network management which can allow flexible deployment and virtualized options. ICT devices aims at providing you support at every location through its unrivaled scalability and flexibility.

v  Video Conferencing- ICT devices devices as your hardware solution can take you forward towards a vast and reliable network through simplifying purchasing with all-in-user-based licensing. It therefore, helps your team to work faster, effectively and productively.

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