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431781-001-HP Environmental Monitoring Unit for StorageWorks MSA30

  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Mfr.Part# 431781-001
  • Availability: In Stock

HP Environmental Monitoring Unit for StorageWorks MSA30

  • Regular Price: $188.55
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  • You Save: $33.94
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MFR.PART# 431781-001
• Before shipment, every products is tested, and they all come with at least 21-day replacement warranty. Some products comes with 30-day and 90-day warranty. You can check with the sales department to see whether the product has any extended warranty.
• This product has a limited 30-day DOA exchange policy that allows for replacement with the exact same part only.
• After processing, a product cannot be cancelled or returned for a refund. Restocking fees might range from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of 30% depending on the product.
• Majority of the major manufacturers (such as HP, IBM and Compaq) have assigned spare part numbers or field replacement unit (FRU) to correlate to their part numbers. This Spare# or FRU# may be visible on the part when you receive it. On any of the manufacturer websites, you may simply use this part number to find a suitable replacement part for the item you ordered.
• Our online shipping calculator is calculate shipping costs for items weighing less than 10 lbs, such as CPU`s Computer Memory and Hard Drives. Items weighing more than 5 lbs may not have their shipping costs calculated correctly. Before placing an order for items that require heavier delivery, call us to confirm at (123-456-7890). If you do order by inadvertently, our customer service department may contact you via email or phone to let you know the precise delivery costs.
• Product may be either New pull or Refurbished.
• HP Environmental Monitoring Unit for StorageWorks MSA30 Refurbished

MFR.PART# 431781-001
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